Evans Waterless Coolant

Anybody in the UK watch Wheeler Dealers? Its a progamme that buys an old unloved car and they do it up and sell it on.  I was watching them rebuilding a Triumph Stag, those of you that are of a certain age will remember the terrible overheating problems they had.

Evans coolant has a much higher boiling point 180 deg C than water at 100 deg C. Water that is supposed to cool the engine at anything over 100 deg C is very inefficient as it turns to steam.  Put an engine under stress and the waterless coolant outperforms water. The other bonus of the higher boiling point is that the pressure throughout the cooling system is reported to put 75% less pressure on the engine than water cooling, that should reduce those incidents of burst pipes. Another bonus is that as water contains Oxygen, the cooling tubes are very susceptible to rust, waterless coolant has known of those worries.

Anyway thats the sale pitch (nearly) cant wait to try this out in the truck looks fantastic , World Motocross teams, British Suoerbike riders, Dakar Race trucks to name but few cant be wrong.

Nathan Hillier at Evans Coolant couldnt have been anymore informative and helpful, Thanks Nathan.

www. evanscoolants.co.uk

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