Mary Masterson

When deciding to document our travels with a blog, we thought that we needed a logo that symbolised what our journey was all about. I was never any good at art so the thought of publishing one of my drawings was terrifying. Sitting with paper and pen I had a light bulb moment – Mary.

I used to sit and watch Mary Masterson during her lunch hour at work with artist pad, pencils  and chalk sketching. Brilliant and she provided many a career history depicted in art for those that we worked beside who were moving onto pastures new.

Quick phone call, lunches and many emails have produced our logo for both the blog and art work for the truck. We cannot thank Mary enough for her patience in understanding our trip.  The moving wheelchair with the initial J entwined reaching for the world totally encapsulates what this journey is all about. She really is a star.

If anyone is looking for unique original portraits or artwork I cannot recommend her enough. Drop an email and we can give you contact details.

Thank you Mary


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