Bison Parts

A phone call from Ian . We have a problem – the original step cab wings on the truck were damaged beyond repair and the replacements we had got were too short for the truck. No problem return them however the company we had purchased them from had gone out of business.

Couple of hours later surfing the web led me to Chris Winters at Bison Parts in Sheffield and again my belief in the goodness of man was reinforced.  After explaining what I was looking for, a call back came where Chris patiently took me thru the ins and outs of step cab wing . He explained that MAN only produced a one step wing and we would need the bottom step. You learn something every day. Bottom steps on order and the one step wing being delivered tomorrow with the other following next week.

The quick and excellent service from Chris Winters and Bison Parts means that the build won’t be delayed further.

Massive massive thanks to Chris and Bison Parts and we cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone needing parts for their trucks at extremely competitive prices.


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