Autobahn Customs

Very early in our planning we decided that we wanted the seating area to look more like your lounge sofa than that of a motorhome and leather would be the better option. There was not going to be a regular need to have the seating area convert to a bed so the same restrictions were not there. The problem was who would be able to construct our seating area the way we wanted it.

We visited a number of companies then Ian put us in touch with Nick at Autobahn Customs. Again he patiently listened to what we wanted, telling us what would and wouldn’t work. There were complications as well with the crawl thru and James’s seat.

Despite all these challenges Nick went away and designed and constructed what we can only describe as stunning.  He got patterned material that matched the leather and made a board that we can put into the crawl thru when we are not moving. The finishing touches of the cushions and the leather band above the crawl thru were inspirational. Imagine then our surprise when going into the bedroom, he had made a headboard and covered the escape hatch in the same leather material. These finer details bring the whole truck together.

For anyone who wants seating constructed for their motorhome/ expedition truck we highly recommend Nick. The man is a genius. He has given us an area where we can properly chill out.

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