Many a night was spent searching the internet for a company that would be able to give us the blinds that we wanted. We had decided that we wanted an option of a black out blind and the mosquito net. We previouly had this on our American Motorhome but didn’t have the option to either have one of the other or half and half. The mosquito net was fixed so a cassette blind was the obvious choice.

A number of companies fitted the bill but when we looked at them, they just seemed too bulky till we discovered Oceanair. Perfect until when we came to order them it was boat season. Oceanair make blinds for the high end yacht market and we had to pick the busiest time of the year to order our blinds.

To our rescue comes Christian Parr and Andy Smith at Oceanair. Frantic phone calls for measurements, a quick visit to their offices in Royston and the job was done. Order placed and 3 weeks later the blinds arrive for fitting.

In this world that we live in, we have a tendancy to become cynical. These boys have again shown that the goodness of man kind hasn’t gone far and is definately in abundance at Oceanair.

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