Post Lockdown Travels

The generator problem was investigated by Webasto and identified. A little bit of readjustment by Ian and we were all good to go.

A weekend away in the Lake District was the first port of call. As it was just after the Government relaxed the quarantine and campsites were allowed to open. The chance of getting anywhere that would have availability was slim and many phone calls later proved to be the case. Suitable off road locations would need to be found.

Needless to say Lake Windermere and Conniston Waters were packed and there wasn’t anything suitable. A spot about 40 minutes away was found and a good weekend was had.

Layby Old Hutton

The scenery was stunning. It is sometimes forgotten just how beautiful our Country can be. Only a small part of the Lakes was seen and no doubt much more time will be spent there.

At the beginning of August the Government relaxed the shielding restrictions and James was allowed to have face to face contact.  The look of excitement on his face when he saw the truck parked up was priceless. Managed to get a farmyard in Fens for a couple of days. The farmyard was attached to a campsite, which was full, so there was access to the sites facilities. In keeping with the COVID guidelines there was no contact with others but long walks and stunning sunsets made it all worthwhile.

Having the two air conditioning units going full flow for most of the day gave some indication as to the battery drain.


A little taste of the future


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