Strange Times

2020 will be remembered for the year that changed the way we live and think and no more so than those that love to travel. Our plans to start our adventures have, like so many, been put on hold – for now at least.

So the question was – what do we do – We have this, in our opinion, fantastic vehicle in which to travel the world but due to circumstances the world has been closed off to us. This is particularly relevant where James is concerned.

The answer – Live on the truck as if you were travelling and that is what we did. The downside was that work would get in the way – at least Monday to Friday. However some time off took us up to Cheshire/Welsh borders and a bit of cycling. It also allowed for further testing to identify if there were any further snagging.

From Cheshire we travelled down to Cambridge for a couple of days, collecting James on route. With all things Covid in mind, a deep clean of the truck was undertaken before picking him up and being selfish no visitors allowed. We spent a couple of days on our own taking in the sites.

We moved on from Cambridge into Warwickshire where we have spent the last month or so, combining some recreational time with work. It has allowed us to really test out the systems on the truck and identify those little areas that will require the truck to go back to Ian for some adjustment. No more so than when James got a chest infection and rather than a hospital stay, he was looked after in the truck. The little hidden gems that Motorcraft put in when building the truck really paid of – the pull out shelf by his bed to put his medical equipment on, to the electrical sockets hidden underneath so we could connect them up. The battery power was certainly tested over that week.

It certainly hits hard when we have to leave and go to work.

We also took the opportunity to prep the truck for the winter, re-doing the floor and outside for the winter. Ached in places I didn’t know existed!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Strange Times”

  1. Glad to hear you are getting out at last Jane.Charlotte and I are in France currently and heading south to get away from the winter.
    Give my regards to Dud and hopefully see you sometime.


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