Global Pandemic

I hope this post finds everyone safe and well.

Just prior to taking the truck back up to Motorcraft we managed to get away for a few days up to Norfolk. However in true fashion whilst it was dry throughout the day it just happened to be the weekend that the UK was hit by storm Dennis.

There we were sitting on top of the cliff rocking as if we were on a boat. However, it was a good test of how the truck would manage in strong winds especially as we are looking to visit the North of Scotland. The truck coped well but we decided to ask Ian to install some stabilisers at the back of the truck.

During the day James enjoyed the freedom from hospital and we spent a good few hours wandering the Countryside, looking under trees and enjoying the scenery.


The truck went back up to Ian middle of February with the understanding that he wouldn’t be able to complete the snagging issues and fit the stabilisers until the end of March. Then the world changed as we know it.

Lockdown started and to compound matters James tested positive for Covid 19 on Good Friday.  14 days of self isolation and sleepless nights followed until he got the all clear.

Ian decided that he didn’t like the windows and as he had developed a different window, he was going to replace the windows on the truck.When we were away with the truck at Christmas we discovered that the Webasto/Whisper power units were not working as they should and the generator was not automatically starting when it should. As Webasto had signed the system off this would need to go back to Webasto for investigation.

Good news was that James was putting on weight. The bad news was that we would no longer be able to lift him into the truck and would have to get a hoist fitted. A quick phone call to Ian to explain the circumstances. True to form Ian stated that it would be no problem and to leave it with him.

Phone call last week to say that the snagging issues had been completed. New windows were installed and hoist designed, manufactured on site and fitted. The boys at Motorcraft really are a marvel when you see what has been designed.

We are now outstanding the issue with the generator. Hopefully Webasto should be able to resolve that in the coming days and then we can start to look forward to trips away when James comes out of isolation.








One thought on “Global Pandemic”

  1. Hi guys, It all sounds really great. Glad James has come through this episode relatively unscathed. It must have been a very worrying time. Truck sounds fantastic, looking forward to having a proper look when the time comes. Hopefully, if the Overland show happens in September, we will be able to get there. We are currently upgrading the truck at home. All the best




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