June 2019 Update

The truck has now had its first serious outing. We took a trip down to the Allrad und Abenteur in Bad Kissengen in Germany for the expedition show. We displayed the truck on behalf of Motorcraft and from the number of visitors it was a hit.

As with all new builds there were a couple of snagging problems. We discovered that Webasto had not supplied a vital part for the elctrical system. The generator would not automatically fire up when the batteries got the the regulated 40%. Not to worry, Ian got in touch with Webasto and one of their representatives came to the show. However we couldnt get the part and this will be rectified back in Doncaster. We discovered a couple of other bits and pieces but thankfully nothing major.

James loved the show but was not too sure of all those visitors to his truck.

On the way back we stopped for the night at a campsite in France. Once again the truck was the talk of the campsite and we spent many an hour explaining the truck and the concept behind it. James was in his element taking the other campers around the truck in his wheelchair.

Looking good in France

So the truck is back at Doncaster to get the last bits fitted and tested before the next outing in a couple of weeks.

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