May 2019 Build Update

The truck has returned to the workshop for its final fitting after its first public outing at Stratford. Just before the final touches were put to the truck the electrics were to be fitted. We all believed that it would only take a couple of days and true to form things didnt go as smoothly as we thought.

As previously mentioned Ian decided to put the generator and its associated parts in the locker rather than in the large storage area under the bed. The problem was that since that decsion was made the model of generator changed a couple of times to provide us with the extra amount of electircity that we require and the casing was too big to fit into the locker.

Back to Webasto, head scratching and lots of thought resulted in Ian in conjunction with Webasto, making the casing for the generator himself and putting it on the test bench. Once again Ian and Motorcrafts ingenuity have managed to avert a complete disaster.

Whilst this was going on Mick and the boys have got on with finishing the inside. The look is more than we could have hoped for.

We have got special foam carved that replicates the wheelchair seating to make it more comfortable for James and to avoid the pressure sores that he is prone to. This will after all be his seat for travelling and in the living area. This has now gone off to Nick for covering.

So the final touches should now be taking place for our next trip to the Expeidtion show in Bad Kissengen Germany where we will hopefully be proudly showing off our vehicle.

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