Here is a few of our thought processes on the reasons why we have gone down a particular route in the build. Having previously had an American motorhome we had some experience on what worked and what didn’t work so good.


Our previous experience was with cooking with gas. This has many benefits but also has its drawbacks. There is the obvious drawback of having gas on board restricting you to how you can travel ( ie can’t use the Channel Tunnel). Research also showed that gas can be tempremental at high altitude and could be difficult to source in some parts of the world.

The decision then was do we go with a diesel cooker or with induction hob and a combi oven. Pros and Cons for both were fully researched and a decision was taken to stick with electric. Hours were then spent on researching the  total wattage for the induction hob and the combi oven as this had to factored in relating to what our output could handle.

Again the Marine market would suit our needs, however not our budget so a compromise has been taken that normal hoursehold applicances were bought and we will adjust our cooking to suit.

One purchase that has already been tried and tested is a slow cooker ‘Wonderbag’. This is a powerless slow cooker. After bringing the food to the boil and then to simmer we can place the casserole dish into the wonderbag and it continues to slow cook for up to 12 hours. No more hours spent cooking when we stop after a days travelling!!!!!!


A quick stop for lunch at Rhug estate in Wales after a couple of days mountain biking introduced us to the world of wool duvets!!!  Research into  literature on the subject resulted in the purchase of one from Baavet for home with immediate success. No more throwing the duvet off because you are too hot as the natural qualities of the wool regulates the body temperature.

This benefit is important as James can’t regulate his body temperature due to his condition and great care has to be taken to make sure that he doesn’t overheat  or become too cold. Two further duvets were purchased. Baavet also manufacture a natural mattress which  have a warm side for colder climates and a cool side for warm climates. What a good idea and purchasing one may stop us from having to take extra blankets.

James also suffers from pressure sores so a pressure relief mattress was purchased for him.


Our aim was to make this area as much like home as it could be as, afterall, this was going to be our home for however long we were travelling.

Whilst the seating area with the table would be utilised as an extra bed, this was not going to be on a daily occurance so the need to have the cushions as a mattress was not as great. A number of upholsterers were visited and many discussions took place as to the best thickness of foam and the right material. We have decided to go with leather for a number of reasons – It is easier to keep clean with spillages; dirt can be removed more easily; harder wearing etc.


During our many travels with the American motorhome, it was always a competition to see who could spot the laundrette first.  This was combined with the early morning starts to avoid the queues with campsite laundrettes. There are occasions when a change of clothing is required up to three times a day and doing the laundry can be a daily occurance. Much thought was given as to whether a washer/dryer should be purchased and installed.

We all know how the Smart meter suddenly goes red and the dial goes round that much quicker at home when the tumble dryer is used however the benefits of being able to be wild camping and have clean clothes made the decision for us. I will just be keeping an eye on the battery level and a Bosch washer/dryer was purchased.

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