Bad Kissengen and Silverstone

It was always the intention to travel for about 18 months in the UK before setting off on our adventure. This was for a number of reasons:-

To familairise ourselves with how everything worked and what could and could not be switched on at the same time.

To allow us to rectify all the little snagging problems that there would obviously be with a new build with Ian close at hand

To make sure that all the adaptions that had been made for James were suitable.

So that being said our first trip was to the Allrad and Abenteur in Germany. We managed to secure a exhibitors pitch and were joined by Ian and Mick from Motorcraft. It was nice to see that we were the only UK Company displaying an expedition vehicle and it appeared to go down very well with our European Neighbours. We had a quick stop in Calais on the way back and again James took great delight in showing fellow campers around the truck.

We took the truck back to Motorcraft when we returned to get some of the snagging sorted. What we did discover on our trip to Germany was that one air conditioner weas not enough so another was ordered from Spain. The truck would stay at Doncaster to get fitted.

We had bought tickets for the British Grand Prix and Ian brought the truck down to the Campsite for us. We stayed at the main campsite – Woodlands- and again the truck manged to attract its fair share of attention. Many an hour was spent explaining the concept to our fellow campers.

We had passes for Siverstone Racing Club and spent the majority of our weekend there. It is difficult to comprehend the speed of the racing cars from television but standing trackside it really amazes me how they manage to get those cars to change direction at the speed they are doing.

We were in perfect position to see Hamilton overtaking Bottas at Luffield.





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