Update on the Adventure

I am conscious that it has been a number of months since we have posted anything onto the blog.

There has been a very good reason for that. At the beginning of August, James was rushed into hospital with double pneumonia, Sepsis and fluid on the lung. The medical prognosis was not good and we spent almost 3 months by his bedside day and night.

During the dark times, James would perk up when shown photos of the truck and talks of our upcoming adventures. Confounding all medical opinion, James left hospital 10 weeks after being admitted.

Unfortunately he was re-admitted two weeks later with another bout of pneumonia and the cycle began again.

We all managed to get home at the end of November and Christmas and New Year was spent testing the truck. This was extremely useful as we managed to get all four seasons within the space of a couple of weeks and highlighted some small snagging issues but nothing major.

Just as we were arranging to take the truck back to Motorcraft to get the snagging issues dealt with, you guessed it, James was re-admitted to hospital with another bout of pneumonia. This time life was a bit more bearable as we postsponed returning the truck and parked it close to the hospital.

After living on it for a couple of months James would say he was released for good behaviour and we managed to get away for a couple of weekends all together.

The truck has now gone back to Motorcraft (Now called Motorcraft Adventure Developments) for the small snagging issues to resolved.

The moral of the last few months is simple. Never under estimate the power of a dream. It really can be the difference between life and death as we have found out.


4 thoughts on “Update on the Adventure”

  1. Hi Dudley,
    So sorry to hear that James has been in and out of hospital over the last few months and we do hope he is getting strong enough to start a trip or two in the truck once you get it back from Motorcraft.
    Please pass on our best regards to James and do hope you can all enjoy the dream in the not too distant future.
    Go easy

    Tony & Marion


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